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1st Tattoo - Average Age

A few days ago we asked our followers on Facebook what age they were when they received their First Tattoo. To our surprise 116 people commented on this post!

I had to know the Average Age once it hit 100 people giving up information. What a Fun way to show our kids how graphs work and how to collect data. Theses results are such a fun visual for the facts and the data we collected.

It is no surprise that 53 out of the 110 people surveyed were under age. Many parents are okay with signing for their kids once they reach an age of maturity or for a loss in the family. However over half the people surveyed waited until they were legal age to get a tattoo with the Average Age for a First Tattoo being 20 years old.

The Average Age for a First Tattoo is 20 Years Old.

53 out of 110 people received a tattoo under age.

There were 110 usable comments on the Age of Your First Tattoo that we were able to used for this data. It was fun reading many of our followers comments.

Some comments posted were for a laugh, Like Dave Johnston., 2 1/2 Years old 😂

While some were just plan Disturbing like David Freeman who received his first tattoo when he was 11! Blood Poisoning!!! OMG!

Thank Everyone for participating on our page and commenting! We enjoy seeing all your comments! If you guys like what you see on our Facebook Page give us a Like! :)

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