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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoo Aftercare

Your Tattoo was done by a Professional and Looks Amazing, Your excited to Show the World the New You and Fill your Social Media Feed with your Sick Ink. But wait, there is more to a Tattoo then just a Good Tattooist and a Good Application! Ensuring that your New Tattoo Looks just as Amazing as when it was finished is 50% off how your tattoo will look healed. Taking proper care of your Tattoo is Important for the Longevity of your New Tattoo. For the next 3 Days - 6 Months and Even the Rest Of your Life you will need to Care for your tattoo.

1. Leave bandage on for 24 hours.

The bandage protects the new tattoo from outside elements like bacteria and debris until the surface layer of skin starts the healing process.

Leave bandage for 24 hours/Next Morning, unless it fills up or falls off on its own.

  • If you have received a Second Bandage follow all the steps up to Step 4 and Apply a New Bandage once the skin is completely dry.

- Second Bandage: Keep Second Bandage on 5-7 days or until it fills up with excretions as per Teguderm Instructions found here: NexCare Website

- Third Bandage: Keep third Bandage on 5-7 days or until it fills up with excretions

  • You Can keep that bandage on until it “fills up” with excretions or it comes off on its own.

  • If it looks “soupy” and “gross” under the bandage, take it off. This is why a clear bandage is nice, so you can see what is going on during healing. CHANGE your Bandage as often as you need! If excretions are oozing out of the bandage. . . just wash the tattoo again and change the bandage until all the oozing stops.

2. Wash your Hands with Antibacterial Soap.

- Before you take the bandage off and any time you touch the tattoo.

3. Carefully Remove the Bandage.

For Troublesome Removal use the “Tape Method”

  • Please Read the “Removing The Tegaderm™ Dressing” Section found here: Bandage Removal

4. Wash tattoo with a Mild Fragrance Free Soap.

- To prevent further irritation use your finger tips only to wash off the vaseline and/or wound excretions.

H2Ocean has an Amazing Ultimate Tattoo Care AfterCare Kit complete with H2Oceans Blue Green Foam Soap. This Kit also includes Skin Moisturizing Foam and together these products are very soothing to the skin. Don’t Be Aftercareless Order your Kit today. Order here H2Ocean Site

4. Pat, Pat, Pat Dry.

- Use a clean towel or disposable paper towel.

5. Wear appropriate CLEAN non abrasive clothing.

- Make sure the tattooed area is covered with a breathable fabric that is not too tight or abrasive such as jeans or polyesters.


- On the First Day of having your tattoo and Taking your bandage off make sure your sheets are clean (freshly washed). Keep all animals out of your bed for the first 3 days - 3 weeks!

7. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Tattoo!

For the First 3 Days without a Bandage.

Wash you tattoo OFTEN! At the very least 3 times a day Morning, Noon, and Night. Then when ever it feels Tight, Dry or Itchy.

Let is dry in-between washes, No Lotion or Products for at least 3 days. . . you want a sunburn like scab not a thick crusty scab. The thicker your scab the more ink you will lose.

8. Apply Products, AFTER 3 Days - 1 Week

Use a minimal amount of Product and work it in completely, wipe off any excess.

Use the Pea Size for a Palm Size Ratio

  • Use a Pea Sized amount of lotion for a Palm Sized Tattoo.

  • Lotion should be Water Based and Fragrance Free.

H2Ocean has an Amazing Ultimate Tattoo Care AfterCare Kit complete with H2Oceans Blue Green Foam Soap. This Kit also includes Skin Moisturizing Foam and together these products are very soothing to the skin. Teguderm Bandages + Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit should have you a healed tattoo in 7-9 days! Don’t Be After careless Order your Kit today. Order here: H2Ocean Site

2nd Option: You may also choose to use jojoba oil if you are experienced with Herbalism and the proper use of essential oils. If you would like to add essential oils please to the anti-inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral Variation such as Lavender, Chamomile, Tea Tree, Bergamot, and patchouli oils. Use the Pea 2 Palm Ratio when applying.

10. Lotion and Protect.

Please wait at least 3-7 days or until a “sunburn” like scab forms or skin appears shinny.

  • Lotion should be used to keep these little scabs from drying out and falling off too quickly.

  • If these scabs fall off they pull ink with them. Baby the dryness but don’t over do the lotion! Palm Size to Pea Size ratio and Always wash the area before you apply a lotion and wash your hands before touching the tattoo for the next 3-4 weeks.

Continuing to apply product for at least the next 3-6 months will make for happy skin and an nice looking tattoo. Use a High SPF Sun Block when your in the sun or cover up to keep your tattoo looking new!

You can pick up some great Sunscreen from H2Ocean Here: Sun Screen

What to Expect and General Precautions

An inflammatory phase:

Inflammation will happen immediately when the tattoo starts and can last 2-5 days after the tattoo procedure.

It is accompanied by redness, pain, swelling, and warmth.

While the tattoo is healing anywhere from 3-6 weeks or longer the skin texture will change and can appear shinny. It may also be accompanied by an itching sensation.


Swelling can be discomforting and too much swelling can stretch the skin causing pigment rejection in some areas. Anti-inflammatory medications and icing the area can help bring down swelling.

Pigment separation

Slapping, hitting, excessive rubbing, scratching and compression on the Newly Tattooed Area can result in unwanted and Extreme Pigment Separation. Which can look like a Permanent Marker Exploded under the skin.

The Tattooed Area is considered a wound!

Lotion should not be applied before the surface layer is healed, no lotion or after care products are considered sterile.

- Only apply lotions when the skin appears Shinny and Flaky.


No Swimming or Bathing in any Bodies of Water for the First 3-6 Weeks. The Surface Layer must be healed First! Please read this Article if you don’t think this is serious: Daily Mail

The sun can fade any pigment.

To keep your color vibrate please apply a SUNBLOCK or SPF 60 sunscreen or higher.

Bodies of water harbor bacteria.

Submerging the tattoo in bodies of water during healing process such as lakes, bathtubs, and hot tubes can result in unwanted healing results or even an infection from bacteria in the water.

Bacteria in your Environment

Bedding, walls, floors, cell phones, towels, gym equipment, sweat, your own skin and other inanimate objects can have traces of all sorts of bacteria from strep to staph which can cause mild to extreme skin infections.

As an extra precaution make sure you clean your sheet before hoping into bed with your new tattoo and avoid the gym for a few days. Bacteria live all around us and want to find the easies opening into the warmth. Taking care of your tattoo should be your first priority for the first week, at least.


- Scratching, picking or rubbing off the tattoo scabs can cause unwanted healing such as patchiness and/or could embed dirt from your nails into the wound. Don't use petroleum based products!

- Don’t rub the tattoo excessively which can cause your scabs to flake off leaving your tattoo patchy if they come off before they are ready.

-Do not let other people and animals touch or lick the tattoo while it is healing.

ALWAYS Wash your hands before Touching the Tattooed Area.

General Healing can take 3-6 weeks or longer depending on your immune system.

Help your immune system by drink plenty of water, eat nutritious foods and get plenty of rest.

Please NOTE: All Tattoos will be bandaged before leaving the studio!

Touch Ups are great to consider every few years to keep your tattoos looking awesome.

Please wait at least 4-6 weeks before booking a touch Up.

Happy Healing!

If you have any questions or concerns on aftercare suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at

If you need health advice or information call Health Link 24/7 by dialing 811 or visit Health Link can also be accessed through the Canada-wide toll-free number, 1-866-408-5465.

Infections can be caused by several elements in your environment including your own skin. We take all precautions to prevent cross contamination in the tattoo environment. Infections are accompanied by deep aches, yellow green puss, blistering, extreme pain and strange odors.

If you think you may have an Infection GO GET MEDICAL HELP right away.

We are not nor have we ever been Doctors, Please contact your Family Doctor if you believe you have an infection.

Our Aftercare is meant to be a suggestion only and should never be used in place of a Doctors Recommendation. The information provided is based on information found on the internet, product manufacturers directions, our own discussion with our family doctors, and other anecdotal accounts of artists and clients.

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