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The Absolute Fastest way to heal your tattoo Period!

This Aftercare System was Specifically Formulated

to Heal Tattoos Fast!

Combined With Tegaderm Bandage Tattoos heal in less then 10 DAYS!!!

Why Should I use a complete Aftercare System?

Using a Complete Aftercare System Such as our H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Kit with Bandages will take away all the  "Guess Work" out of the tattoo healing process. You can be confident that your tattoo will heal properly when using products made for wound care. We have seen countless tattoos come back looking flawless when the Art Collector uses these products in combination with our aftercare suggestions. They tend to need no touch ups or less touch ups then normal. 

Adversely, we have seen many reject our aftercare suggestions. . .even taking the bandages off as the walk out the door, sending photos that night with the bandage off and using Polysporin! These pieces tend to end up needing many touch ups and even end up with infections because of carelessness! 

Aftercarelessness is a BIG deal to a Tattoo Artist!


Artists put all their energy, talent and hard work into a piece and it can be so discouraging when a piece comes back haggard due to an art collectors aftercarlessness!


It is VERY Important to use proper aftercare to heal your tattoos!

Please be advised that we will not guarantee a 'FREE Touch Up' if these products were not used as per our aftercare instructions. 

Aftercare for The First 24 Hours

1. Keep the Tattoo Bandaged for the first 24 hours

  • The bandage protects the new tattoo from outside elements like bacteria and debris that are larger then 27nm until the surface layer of skin starts the healing process.

  • Leave the first bandage on for 24 hours. If the Bandage fills up with bodily excretions and the glue no longer holds, please go to Step 2. 

2. Wash your HANDS with Soap Before touching the tattoo!

  • Before you take the Bandage Off and before any time you touch the fresh tattoo WASH YOUR HANDS! 

3. Carefully Remove the Bandage.

For Troublesome Removal use the “Tape Method”

4. Wash tattoo with H2Ocean Foam Soap.

  • To prevent further irritation use your finger tips only to wash off the wound excretions.


H2Oceans Blue Green Foaming Soap does a great job!


Don’t Be Aftercareless Order your Kit today!

Please indicate in the notes section if you would like the Complete H2Ocean Aftercare kit + Tegaderm shipped to you or if you would like to pick it up during your tattoo appointments. 

5. Always pat, pat, pat Dry! 

- Use a clean towel or disposable paper towel. Never wipe the fresh tattoo! Wiping causes friction and abrasion and can reopen the wound!

6. Reapply A Bandage 

The bandage protects the new tattoo from outside elements like bacteria and debris until the surface layer of skin starts the healing process.

Leave the first bandage on for 24 hours/Next Morning, unless it fills up with excretions (blood & ink)  or falls off on its own.

  • If you purchased a second bandage follow all the steps up to Step 4 and reapply the bandage once the skin is completely dry.

Keep the second bandage on until  it fills up again, in which case you will need to do steps 1-4 again or until a new surface skin layer forms, this may take up to 7 days. For more info on Tegaderm please refer to the Tegaderm Instructions here: Tegaderm Instructions

  • You Can keep that bandage on until it “fills up” with excretions or it comes off on its own.

    • If it looks “soupy” and “gross” under the bandage, take it off. This is why a clear bandage is nice, so you can see what is going on during healing. If this happens please take it off! put a new one on every 24 hours until there are no excretions under the bandage layer. 

    • Keeping your tattoo bandaged while it is an open wound is the ONLY WAY to prevent infections in a cold climate like Canada. If the bandages feels "itchy" DO NOT scratch it! This is the beginning of a heat rash and you will make it worst! Please simply ice the area and the itching and swelling/heat will go down! 

Full Roll

4in. x 11yard 

Minimal - Full Sleeve Tattoo


$60 CAD

Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods during this time.

Get plenty of rest to keep your immune system up while your body is healing your

 Fancy New Tattoo. 

3M Tegaderm Bandage

Aftercare for The First Week

5. DO NOT submerge the tattoo in any bodies of water!

Bodies of water harbor bacteria!

  • Submerging the tattoo in bodies of water during healing process such as lakes, dish sink, bathtubs, and hot tubes can lead to infection from the bacteria in the water. This can leave you with unwanted healing results. *Free touch up will be VOID if you do so for any reason. 

  • The Teguderm Bandage does not protect against bacteria microbes that are less then 27 of a nano meter which can be present in bodies of water. 

  • Submerging the bandage will loosen the glue on the bandage and render the protective layer ineffective. 

1. Reapply a Bandage every 24 Hours or until . . .

The bandage looks/feels like it is "stuck" to the tattooed area. This bandage you will keep on for 5-7 days. . . we prefer 7 days for BEST results. You may use an extra piece of bandage to keep the edges from rolling up during this time. 

2. If you need to shower with the bandage

  • Keep the bandage/tattooed area out of the direct stream of water. Don't allow the bathroom to get to humid and the water too hot. 

3. NO exercise or heavy manual labour . . .

  • Exercise can cause heat rash under the bandage and the humidity can also loosen the glue.

  • If you have to work be sure to keep it easy and bring an Ice Pack with you.

  • Sweaty Gyms, dirty play parks and mud puddles should be avoided as well! 

4. Wear appropriate CLEAN non abrasive clothing.

  • make sure fabrics are breathable and not too tight or abrasive, such as jeans or polyesters, to prevent heat rash.

H2Ocean Care Kit

$35 CAD

Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and

get plenty of rest to keep your immune system up while your body is healing your

 Fancy New Tattoo. 

Aftercare for The First Month

1. After 7 Days Remove your Bandage


  • Carefully remove the bandage the same way you have removed the bandage before.

  • Wash your Tattoo with Blue Green foaming soap.  

2. Start H2Ocean Aftercare Card

  • Start H2Ocean Aftercare Tip Card

3. Wash tattoo with H2Ocean Foam Soap.

  • To prevent further irritation use your finger tips only to wash off the wound excretions.


  • Cleanse your new tattoo with H2Ocean Antibacterial Blue Green Foam Soap, designed to effectively wash your new tattoo without causing excessive damage or drying it out. Enriched with Aloe Vera you are helping to moisturize while washing and disinfecting your tattoo. Washing with warm water opens the derma pores and gives your skin a deep clean to prevent scabs from forming. Use 3-5 times daily during the healing process.


5. Apply H2Ocean Moisturizing Cream

  • Day 1 - H2Ocean Moisturizing Cream is designed to moisturize and protect your new tattoo. Use the Ocean Care as your moisturizer directly after your cleanse your tattoo. Apply a small amount and gently massage into your skin.

    • Use a minimal amount of Product and work it in completely, wipe off any excess.

    • Use a Pea Sized amount of lotion for a palm sized tattoo.

    • Lotion should be Water Based and Fragrance Free & H2Ocean's Kit has just that!

    • Follow the Card Instructions inside your Kit!

  •  FREE TOUCH Up is VOID if you do not use H2Ocean Aftercare Products to heal your Tattoo!


6. Lock In The Ink 

  • Day 2  –  H2Ocean Foam Moisturizer is designed to not only moisturize a new tattoo but also to lock in ink. The foam infuses your skin with vitamins and minerals, creating a protective barrier for your new tattoo.

  • Use each night instead of the cream after you last wash before Bed. 

  • Continuing to apply product for the next 40 days or until the bottle is gone. This will make for happy skin and an nice looking tattoo.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and

get plenty of rest to keep your immune system up while your body is healing your

 Fancy New Tattoo. 

H2Ocean Tattoo Sun Screen

$10 CAD

Aftercare for Life

1. Lotion and Protect For Life

  • Lotion your tattoo after you every shower will insure your tattoo looks as amazing as the day it was first done. 

2. Use Sunblock

  • Be sure to cover your tattoo from the harsh sun rays or use sunblock to keep your tattoo looking new!

  • Use H2Ocean Sunscreen for the best results.

3. Get Regular Touch Ups

  • If you followed all the aftercare steps and for some reason your tattoo did not heal as expected come in for a *Free One Hour Touch 

  • Book a touch up every 3-5 years

    • Contrast can be lost due to sun damage. 

3. Avoid Cuts, Scraps and Lacerations

  • Cuts, Scraps and lacerations can cause damage to your skin and ruin the tattoo!

Full Aftercare Video

If  you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo healing please contact us at

When to seek Medical Attention

If you believe you have an infection GO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION! 

We are not doctors nor can we diagnose any illnesses. Common signs of an infection in the tattoo area may include:

  • Pus or yellow to green fluid leaking out of the Tattoo

  • Red skin around the Tattoo area that gets worst

  • A red streak that runs from the Tattoo toward your heart

  • pimple or yellowish crust on top

  • Sores that look like blisters

  • Pain that gets worse after a few days

  • Swelling that gets worse after a few days

  • Thick crusty scabbing that bleeds

  • Odd odors/smells coming from the Tattoo wound. Example: a wet dog smell

  • A fever

  • The wound hasn’t healed after 10 days

It is VERY important that you keep your Wound bandaged while it is healing for the first 5-7 days. For some people up to 10 days may be required. If you choose not to wear a bandage while your wound is healing you put yourself at higher risk for infections! 

Dirt, bacteria and fungus are all around us and float on particles of dust, dead skin and hair in the air. Some environments may contain more microbes on inanimate objects and floating around then others. These microbes can get into a wound area  and cause an infection quickly due to the skin being broken open. It is best to keep the wound covered to prevent infections until the Surface Layer of skin is fully healed. Tegaderm Bandage acts as a "second skin" until your body has enough time to heal itself. The under layers where the pigment has settled can take 1 - 6 months to heal and it is VERY important, in this time, to keep the skin hydrated with your H2ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit to make sure your skin heals properly. 

*We are not liable for any adverse healing reactions you may have by not following our aftercare directions &/or not seeking medical attention when needed. 

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