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Celebrating 10 Years with a Postcard Sticker Giveaway

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This Postcard Sticker Giveaway Promotion was created by Autumn Fawcett in honour of our 10 year anniversary of being in business this month.


We opened the doors to our "Private Tattoo Studio" in October 2013


 To celebrate this success, with our clients/friends who have all helped make this possible, we wanted to create a unique giveaway experience.

When most business fail in the first 3 years and we made it to 10 years while surviving the economic impact of a two year pandemic...

we have something to celebrate!

Thanks to everyone who has come along for the ride!

Heres to 10 more great years! 


Ben & Autumn Fawcett &/or Fawcett Tattoos & Art Stuido

We've teamed up with Sticker App for a fun giveaway experience.

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