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Q: Does Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio Art offer Body Piercing?


A: No, Fawcett Tattoos & Art Studio does not offer body piercing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any Age Limit Requirements?

A: Yes, you must be 18 or older for a tattoo procedure at Fawcett Tattoos & Art Studio.



Q: Does getting tattooed hurt? 

A: Yes, the amount varies on location and your own personal pain threshold. We do carry H2Ocean Numbing products to help ease the pain. However, the product can only be absorbed into open skin once the skin is broke open, so pain should be expected during the line work.

Q: I want a tattoo from Fawcett Tattoos, how much will it cost?

A: At Fawcett Tattoos we base our fees on the time it takes to complete the tattoo. Each artist may take a different amount of time and so the rate may differ.  Please contact the artist you wish to get work done by and set up a consultation to go over your price inquiries.

Our average price is by the hour.
We charge $175 per hour with a $50 Supply Fee per tattoo session. Drawing, design and stenciling fees not included. Please see drawing fee Question below for more information. 
Our fees will be going up in 2022 due to the increased cost of PPE, supplies and shipping.

Ben & Autumn Fawcett do offer "By The Piece" pricing. By The Piece pricing is for projects they have designed & would like to tattoo individually or as a collab. Most artists tend to call these pieces "Flash Designs" which are designs done up in advance with the artists stylization. These tend to be pieces the artists want to see in their portfolio so a small discount will be given to the price they offer. By choosing "By The Piece" work you will get the best tattoo your artist can create because the artist crafted their own design from their imagination! 
To check our FLASH & see our BY THE PIECE Priceing click here.  

Q: I just want a SMALL TATTOO,
 how much will it cost?

We don't really take "small or minimalist tattoos" at our studio. If accept the request we will have a
 minimum charge fee. 
Minimum Charge is $200
This fee covers the Supply fee and anything UNDER 1 hour. If the tattoo appointment goes over an hour we charge the hourly rate mentioned above.
Do to COVID19 our minimum charge fee is now $300!

Q: I want a FULL SLEEVE TATTOO, how much will it cost?

Usually Full Sleeve Tattoos cost between $5,000-$10,000 and take 28-58 hours depending on the amount of details and layering needed to pull off the desired effect. Most clients spread out the cost through multiple sessions usually doing 6-8 hours each session. They usually need to book 4-9 sessions to complete their sleeve on average. 

Q: What is the touch up policy for Fawcett Tattoos?

A: It depends on a couple things, if its something that happened from not taking care of the tattoo during the healing process, not listening or following our aftercare directions, a touch up will be 50% off the hourly rate. 


For Cover ups, we tell every client during the consultation process that it may take 2-3 sessions to properly cover the tattoo by using a layering technique. We will take 50% Off the hourly rate for cover up touch ups. 

If it's something the artist did, like not getting ink into the skin good enough and there are a few spots that healed faded, then  we offer a 1 Hour Free Touch Up per tattoo session and you only pay the $50 Supply Fee!



The skin should no longer appear Shinny on the tattooed area. If there is a shine and some layers of skin still need to shed the artist will not tattoo the skin as this could cause scaring! 

Q: I just want something small, can you squeeze me in?


A: No, we can not squeeze small tattoos into our schedule and we most defiantly can't squeeze you in last minute cause your only in town for the weekend. Fawcett Tattoos is an Alberta Health Board Approved Private Tattoo Studio located in our home. This means there are more bylaws governing our small business and how we can operate.  We are not allowed to have more then 7 visits per week, which means we can not have more then "one tattoo appointment per day" so it is in our best interest to book our days with clients who have bigger projects and can sit for longer more expensive sessions.


Do to our unique set up larger projects get favoritism. If you can book more frequently or on a regular bases then you will get even more favoritism. We are also more likely to find/make time in our schedule to squeeze you in if you have larger projects & book regular reoccurring sessions to work on that project.   

Smal Tattoos
Q: What forms of payments does Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio accept?

A: At Fawcett Tattoos & Art Art Studio we accept Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, E-Transfers & PayPal. 

Q: It's really hard for me to get to Edmonton Alberta for a tattoo...Do you offer guest spot locations in my city?


A: Absolutely! We are currently offering Guest Spots in:


Fort McMurray, Alberta

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Los Angeles, California Coming Soon!


We also have plans for touring the convention circuit within the next 1-2 years...So keep your eye out for more locations coming soon!


We will be posting a tour calendar on our website when we are ready to go!  

Q: I know what I want and I just want the artist to copy the image, do I really need to pay a drawing fee?


A: At Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio we do not copy any other artists work. Not only is this offensive to ask an artist but it can also get the artist a bad reputation in the Tattoo Industry if they are caught ripping off another artists work. We can always use your photos as "reference" and make a custom design based on your likes and dislikes but ultimately our artists like to do their own custom art work in the style they specialize in. 

Our artists are working towards their sponsorship goals and by ripping off another artists work they will only get rejected by every major tattoo brand on the market. 

For the BEST possible results it is better to get a tattoo in what the artist specializes in. You will also experience a happier artist because they will enjoy tattooing their custom art much better than being a copy machine.

Our artists at Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio specialize in Realism. The most enjoy tattooing Portraits, Photo Realism, Hyper Realism & Abstract Realism. 


We tend to have a few "Flash Designs" done up in our Style. We call these designs "By The Piece" work which can be found here on the Tattoo Price List Page. These designs are also available to look at during an in-person consultation & on our Facebook Page.   

Q: Are Walk Ins Welcome?


A: No! We do not accept walk ins! Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio is a Private Tattoo Studio Located in our Home, you can see why we wouldn't want random strangers just popping in any time of the day or night...right?


For your convenience we offer online booking for all appointments. Please feel free to book a Consultation &/or Tattoo Appointment online here: 

Q: Do I really need to pay a deposit to book an appointment?


A: YES! The deposit not only lets us know your serious about getting a tattoo, it also locks in the time/date you want so no one else can book during that time.


The Tattoo deposit is taken when booking to insure that the proper tattoo supplies are ordered and ready to go for your tattoo appointment. This deposit will go towards the Supply Fee once the tattoo appointment is finished.


The Consultation Deposit will be taken off the total price of the tattoo once the tattoo appointment is considered complete by the artist, unless the appointment is missed or canceled!  

Q: Does Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio re-use needles?


A:  NO, Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio uses a new sterilized needle every time! Immediately after every tattoo procedure is complete the needle gets disposed of in a proper biohazard sharps bin ...and the machines get a wipe down with Cavicide. 


 Re-using needles is unprofessional and poses an extreme health risk! 

All single use pre-sterilized needles are purchased from a reputable Tattoo Distributor.



Coalition For Tattoo Safety

we would NEVER put our clients health at risk or ruin our reputation just to save a few bucks!  

Q: I've been here before, do I really need to fill out another Tattoo Waiver?


A: YES! One hundred times Yes! 

We need a new Tattoo Waiver to be filled in for every tattoo procedure/tattoo appointment that takes place in our facilities regardless of how many times you have filled one out.

Not only is this required by law from Alberta Health Services to get all our clients "informed consent" by signature on a waiver but Alberta Health Services also requests that we keep a record of all clients who have been tattooed in our facilities and whe. This insures that if  there is ever an infectious disease outbreak in Alberta then Alberta Health Services will be able to properly contact our clients to inform them if they need to get tested. A waiver insures they will know who to contact. 

We ask for a Photo ID so that Alberta Health Services can contact you no matter if your address changes. We require an ID for all tattoo appointment with us. 

If your Tattoo Appointment is within 1 year of your last appointment and we have your ID on file, you may not need to show us your ID but we advise to bring it just incase. 

Q: Is Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio a legit Health Board Approved Business?


A: 100% Legit! We have taken all the necessary steps required by law to become a fully operational legal Tattoo Studio located in our home. From the floors to the wall we have prepped the space to allow for some awesome tattoos to be created. We have everything in place to insure that the best possible tattoo can be created in the comfort of our home.


Back in 2013 we decided this was the best situation for us to be able to homeschool our kids and take work-cations any time we want without having to get approval from a boss. This also allows for us to open up more Guest Spot locations and travel for workshops or conventions while keeping a tattoo station always open and ready for clients at home! 


If you have any questions about the validity of this statement feel free to call or email our Alberta Health Board Representative Thomas Cheung.


Thomas Cheung, B.Sc., BEH(AD), CPHI(C)

Personal Services Facilities Specialist

Public Health Inspector/ Executive Officer

Alberta Health Services

Environmental Public Health

Suite 700, 10055 106 Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 2Y2


Phone: (780) 735-1808

Fax: (780) 735-1801

View our latest Inspection Report here


Q: I Saw one of your sales online but I don't need that much tattoo time, could you do a smaller amount?


A: NO! When we post a Sale on social media available for purchase through our website we have already put hours into doing up this sale, editing the website and creating Vouchers. To redo the sale to suit one persons needs isn't possible. 

We also set the price for our deals based on our clients with big project needs. We like to give our clients with lingering sleeve projects a little incentive to finish.  


 Please read the above question "I just want something small, can you squeeze me in?" for more info on why we will not offer/accommodate discounts for smaller tattoo projects. 

To purchase our current sale head to our Sale Page. 

Q: I heard about your VIP Tattoo Membership Discounts from a do I get in on this deal?


A: Awesome! We are so excited your friend is talking about us and spreading the word.


Unfortunately, VIP Tattoo Memberships are for returning clients with continuing projects only. This is our way for honoring our clients loyalty to Fawcett Tattoo & Art Studio!


If you would like to talk more about these special rates we suggest booking a tattoo consult to go over your ideas.


Once your First Tattoo session has been completed and you are fully satisfied with the outcome we would love to offer you on going discounts through out the year! 


We know these VIP Hourly Tattoo Rates and product discounts are the best in Alberta so these discounts can not be split, shared, given away or re-sold!


Each client must purchase their own VIP Tattoo Membership to get these special discounts.  

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