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Custom Murals

& Street Art




   Murals always start with a consultation. For this consultation it's helpful if the client provides us with photos, dimensions of the wall and/or space and also the ideas of the general theme and content that will be displayed in the mural. We will discuss ideas and brainstorm on the major components of the mural. We may ask things like "What do you want to see in this mural? Images or a theme? Can you give me examples of what you currently like? Where do you want this to end? With a question? A bold statement? An obvious illustration? Or should people feel inspired, wondering? Calm?" Etc.

Then a proposal, outline of the project and up to six small sketches can be provided within one week of meeting.  If the client would like to proceed after viewing the proposal, design of the mural will be developed into a full color renderings.

If the client decides they would like to proceed, we will discuss a time frame for the work to be done and sign a contract.  A 50% deposit is due two weeks before the mural begins (to purchase materials and rent lifts, etc.) and the remainder will be paid upon completion.


A week before beginning the project...

We will review the concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas for the mural. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.  


During the mural creation...

We typically paint for about 5-8 hours each day and like to get started early in the morning. Clients are welcome to communicate with us as the art unfolds. At the end of each day, either in person or by electronic form, we like to hear feedback on the progress to make sure we am on the right track. 


Mural Completion...

Our goal is to make sure we are getting things right, and we work until we are all satisfied with the results.  At some point, we see we have expressed what we set out to create, and the work is done.  We identify this moment as the point where further embellishment diminishes the flow and energy of the piece. We then turn to my client and say, "We believe we are finished with this piece. Are you pleased? Is there anything we wanted here that we forgot? Are there any blaring changes that need to be made? We create a list of anything left out, and assuming it is within the original scope, we will make the changes. We then varnish the mural (if outdoors or in a sunny location) and then the mural is complete. The remaining payment is then due.


Along with complex murals such as the process written above, We also paint more simple designs like words, decor, and have experience with faux techniques on doors, walls, cars and ceilings. These designs begin at $10/sq ft.


Minimum Project fee of $2,800

*Consultation Fee: $300 (Includes outline of project, proposal of work, and up to six thumbnail sketches)

*Design fee: $1,500 (Includes up to two full color sketches and up to two changes. Additional changes will be $100 each)

$35/ sq ft for 0 - 290 sq ft

$30/sq ft for 290 -500 sq ft

$28/sq ft for 500 -1500 sq ft

$20/sq ft for 1500 + sq ft

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface.)

*Complex Designs May be charged more per square foot. 

*Consultation fee and design fee will be applied toward the final cost of mural.

*Price per square foot may increase if design requested is complex and/or there are adverse wall conditions.  This will be indicated in price quote and determined when final sketch is approved.

*Design fee may be used towards to payment once the Mural is Complete, if no changes were made to the first design. 

*Prices include all Work and Materials.

*They do not include scaffolding and lift charges nor out-of-town transportation and living Expenses.


Why do Murals and Street Art cost so much?

After we talk on the phone or visit your location, we spend time researching and designing the mural based on the clients needs. Average  setup and cleanup of a project takes about 4 hours, the travel time, meals and gas are considered, whether materials or equipment in addition to the the norm are needed are also considered when we give price estimates. Let's not forget the main thing you are paying for.....the artist's talent!

I hope this chart is helpful in allowing you to  gauge your mural costs. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to get the ball rolling for your own Mural Art Project Please Contact Us. 

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