MD Wipe Outz

These Wipe Outz are perfect for Tattoo Aftercare On The Go! They are pre-sterilized Tattoo Wipes invented by artist master mind Mike DeVries with 3 years of testing before introducing them to the tattoo industry. Every Big named artist has their hands on these amazing wipes Megan Massacre, Ryan Ashley, Arlo, Bob Tyrell, Roman Abrego, Big Meas  and we want to get our hands on them too! They are made of 100% plant based bio degradable material making them Supper Soft! The individual Wrapped Singles are a safer and more convenient way to care for wounds on the go. They are non-toxic, vegan friendly, alcohol free, antibacterial , antimicrobial individually packaged NO SINK NEEDED cleansing wipes! Need we go on  😉 

😢 Sadly H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care products are still on back order at this time. So we have no aftercare products to offer.


Mike DeVries is a Friend of ours in the Tattoo Industry who has created the PERFECT on location Tattoo Aftercare!


These Pre-Sterilized wipes can be used on site without the need of a sink to wash your tattoo between bandage changes!


This revolutionary product will help our clients prevent infections and make bandage changes while at work simple and easy!


Each packet costs $3.00 CAD, one tattoo may need 2-5 bandage changes so each client may need 2-5 wipes depending on the size of their tattoo and the amount of weeping the wound has. 

If you are a client that doesn't like wearing a bandage longer then 24 hours, you can use a pack of 12 wipes to clean your tattoo 4 times a day for 3 days or 3 times a day for 4 days.


Redemption works well as aftercare paired with the wipes (same company owner). Redemption packets cost $4.00CAD


The total cost of this aftercare method would be $10-$20CAD with bandage changes and $20 for those who choose not to rebandage vs. $35CAD for the H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit.

Unfortunately, there are NO DISTRIBUTERS in Canada yet so shipping and handling is crazy expensive unless we order in bulk. If we order in bulk we will get a discount and free shipping.

We will be ordering ONE CASE of Aftercare Wipes = $700CAD

And ONE CASE of Numbing Tattoo Wipes = $300CAD

$200 Shipping CAD  Bulk discount 25% off = $185.85 

For a Total of $1,200.45USD or $1,586.42CAD

Redemption Aftercare is $414.85 with shipping for a Case of 50


If you are interested in Pre-Ordering some aftercare for your next Tattoo Session please select an option and make a payment using the PRE-ORDER NOW button. If we reach our goal of $2,000 in 14 days we will place our order and the shipments for aftercare should be in within 1-2 weeks.  

If we do not reach our goal we will simply add a few more days onto the clock and it may take longer to get products in. 


We will give these products away AT COST for the First Clients who sign up and help us get these AMAZING New Products in our hands ASAP! We will also include a FREE bandage to everyone who pre-orders!


Contact us at for questions.


See more info on this product here:

$10 - 2 Aftercare Wipe Packets & One Redemption Packet

Option 1

Option 2

$15 - 5 Aftercare Wipe Packets & One Redemption Packet

Option 3

$20 - 12 Aftercare Wipe Packets & One Redemption Packet

Option 4

$30 - 12 Aftercare Wipe Packets & One Redemption Packet & One 10 Pack of Sterilized Numbing Tattoo Wipes for your artist to use during your tattoo session.

How to Pre-Order

To pre-order one of our options simply click the "Pre-Order Now" button next to the video on the top of the page and enter in the amount for the option you would like to order. If you have any questions on this subject please email us at  

We will notify all purchasers via email when we place the order and when product will be available for use after funding has been met. Please be sure to enter your correct email address.