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COVID 19 Update

Unfortunately, due to COVID19 and the government closures, ALL Tattoo Shops are closed in Alberta until further notice. We have reached out to our Alberta Health officer, Thomas Cheung, to ask if he has heard any word on when we can reopen and what the restrictions will be. He has notified us that Tattoo Studios are not allowed to reopen until STAGE 2 as per the Alberta Relaunch Plan. As you may have noticed on the Alberta Relaunch Plan the timing of STAGE 2 is still marked as "To Be Determined". Our Mayor could also change any scheduled opening date that Alberta gives if he feels we need to stay closed longer.

At this time we are not taking on any new tattoo appointments, tattoo projects, tattoo drawings or tattoo consultations until we know for sure when we are able to open safely without being imprisoned for 60-90 days, get a $10,000-$500,000 fine or both.

To keep up to date on our studios reopening plan feel free to follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/FawcettTattoos  or check back here for new updates. We will be making a public announcement on Facebook & Instagram when we are able to start booking Tattoo appointments again.

Our reopening prices will be $175 per hour with a $75 supply fee per tattoo session due to the extra PPE we will be required to wear and provide for our clients. If clients would like to bring a friend there will be an additional $25 supply fee for the visitors PPE they will be required to wear. 

We know a lot of tattooers around the world are able to go back to work already but Alberta Tattooers can’t open until STAGE 2 which is still marked as "To Be Determined" on Alberta's Relaunch Strategy.

We are still able to take on Mural Projects & Custom Paintings.

Thank you for your continued support during this time. 




Fawcett Tattoos is a Custom Private Tattoo Studio, this is not your average Tattoo Shop. Ben and Autumn love what they do, it is who they are. As a husband and wife team they work together side by side, aspiring to make their art their life style:

A place where work, life, and  

inspiration are equal and integrated organically. 

Their goal is to create art with superb quality and attention to details. Producing conceptually interesting and visually stunning works of art.  They design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as equally exciting and fun as the end result. 


Autumn Fawcett



Portraits, Photo Realism, Hyper Realism, Abstract Realism. 

 Black and Grey + Full Color

Ben Fawcett



Portraits, Photo Realism, Hyper Realism, Abstract Realism.

Black and Grey + Full Color

Free Hand

Collab Style

We are currently working towards creating a Niche Style using our top 10 Favorite Artists. This style includes Realism, Stickers, Neon Signs, Monochromatic Windows, and tells a story with art, utilizing both Black and Grey & Full Color techniques to achieve a harmonious Mash Up of 10 art styles! 

Creating one utterly unique work!

Please don't ask for

Tribal Designs,  Small Fonts & Minimal Tattoos


We are Embarking upon An Art Adventure of A Life Time!

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Customize your vehicle with a design that matches your tattoos! Contact Us for a Fine Art Airbrushing quote. 

Tattoo designs are 100% custom and will never be offered to other clients as a
We like to take our own reference photos when ever possible for tattoo and art designs.
Please Contact Us about special pricing. 
Murals & Street Art 


Stylized Murals & Street Art for your Business & Home. Contact Us for more info and price list. 

Fine Art
Fine Art Portrait Commissions. Stylized, Pet Portrait and family portraits are our speciality! Contact Us for more info and price list.


 Video Vloging our art and business to get our Style out to the world! We hope to be traveling and documenting out experiences in the near future! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates!




Sunday: 12:00am-7:00pm

Monday-Friday: 11:00am-8pm

Saturday: Closed



 Please email us to schedule a Tattoo Appointment 



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Black & Grey Prison Gaurd Collab

Black & Grey Prison Gaurd PTSD Themed Chest Piece Collab by Ben & Autumn Fawcett Portraits, Story telling, Monochomatic window Stylization incorporated in this piece. We would love to do more PTSD themed pieces like this. Please email for more info. _______________________ Using Black & Grey Wash Techniques learned at the Black Anchor Academy Workshop 2018.